Mindfulness facilitator: Quinn Marshall

A Bit About Quinn

Quinn Marshall has worked for Central York Fire Services (CYFS) for the past 22yrs. Quinn is a Captain and leads a team in a variety of emergency management situations.  In addition to his current role as Captain, Quinn has led a newly formed team in Mindfulness Based Resiliency.

Quinn has successfully expanded this training program outside of CYFS as he strongly believes that there is a demand for the mindful@work program within all workplaces.  The program also provides value added benefits in participants’ personal lives. 


Quinn graduated with a Diploma in General Arts and Sciences (specializing in Firefighting) from Niagara College. In 2020 Quinn became a Mindfulness facilitator and achieved his certification through Mindfulness Without Borders, now the Global Minds Collective. In 2023 Quinn also received two additional certifications: Mental Health First Aid Basic and Critical Incident Stress Management. He is currently continuing his Mindfulness education and is working towards additional certifications at the University of Toronto.

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