CISM and Human resources

Skills for Difficult Conversations

You know the conversation is going to be upsetting to the employee.  How can you be best prepared? 

You know your colleague is going to be sad and upset because of the conversation they are having with an employee right now.  How can you support them? 

As a human resources professional you’re good at your job, but wish you were better prepared to deal with the reactions of people facing a crisis in their life.

Assisting Individuals in Crisis builds on a participant’s skills to help them provide meaningful, deliberate support.  If you are interested in learning more or starting a peer support program at your workplace, get in touch with us.  

The skills we teach will help you support people at any stage of their career, and your human resources peers.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you get started.

Courses are always customized to include scenarios and role playing exercises relevant to the client’s field and needs.

We will be pleased to work with you and create customized content that will meet your organization’s needs.  Check the courses page for upcoming training and course descriptions.

Left with questions?  No problem.  Just send an email to

This is adult learning.