Instinctive Meditation Teacher: Leanne Thorburn

About Leanne

Leanne Thorburn was a Registered Massage Therapist for 22 years. With a good understanding of the body both physically and physiologically, she started to become more interested in health holistically.

Leanne was seeing evidence about the correlation between mind , body, and spirit which ignited her passion for meditation. Having been introduced to meditation in the early 90’s, her interest increased and she began her studies under Dr Lorin Roche in 2014.  Seven years later, she became a Certified Meditation Teacher.  Leanne has taught many people the importance and techniques of this practice. 
About this Practice
Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It is recognized in leading health studies today to be very beneficial in individuals dealing with anxiety, stress and other mental health issues.  It brings other physiological benefits such as lowering blood pressure and decreasing pain.
Meditation helps one deal with emotion, tension, worry, and stress. Meditation helps elicit the Relaxation Response to help heal.
There is nothing mystical or exclusive about meditation. Anyone can do it.
Leanne will help you understand what meditation is, become aware of obstacles that can arise, and know what to expect during and after meditating. She will help you find a meditation practice that works best for you. 
Having a good meditation practice will give you valuable resources to guide and sustain you.

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