Comments from past course participants:

These are the comments from my question: If you think back to our time together, what is something that makes you smile?

I enjoyed your dry sense of humour; having extra time in the break out groups to chat and get to know each other

How open people were with their questions, and experiences. I like that you had given us questions in advanced, and we answered them to the small breakout rooms of people. It helped to get to know people more and understand how to adapt the material to every new situation.

How patient you were and how you didn’t get offended when nobody responded to your questions! We were sometimes a hard crowd!

Can’t think of any particular situation however I did like your humour. There was joy in the class. Looked forward to be there

What did you absolutely love about my training?

That you were comfortable and knowledgeable on the material. You also seemed comfortable with the technology. You were able to keep the class focused and light through some difficult topics.

Your knowledge on the subject and your caring for CISM was evident in your teaching.

Your enthusiasm and experience!

Sharing personal experiences. Taking necessary breaks – these were excellent and well-timed to keep everyone engaged.

Your personal experience.  Obviously and unfortunately you have a lot of experience with Critical Incidents

Most recent course questionnaire comments:

  • Steve was excellent as an instructor and I would take a course with him again.
  • I appreciated the course and Steve Horner, our facilitator. I prefer in person training but I must say the online training experience – my first – was quite adequate. The pandemic forced us into it, of course, but it was very good since we all adapted which was a good learning experience itself.
  • Steve Horner assisted very much in allowing that to happen. He possess a quiet and engaging manner that speaks of confidence and experience.
    I enjoyed him and the course very much.
  • The three day Zoom training was very beneficial. I sure miss the in person training because of Covid However Zoom was better than no contact. The instructor Steve Horner was an excellent presenter. He knew the material he was teaching. His instruction didn’t just come from text box knowledge. He experienced much of what he was teaching. I found he was a passionate instructor, passionate in his work and what he taught.The group sessions were very beneficial I have taken a number of CISM training sessions in the past. I found this a wonderful refresher course.
  • Excellent course. Great delivery. Steve’s knowledge and experience helped me to understand from real life experiences how these methods assist persons dealing with a critical incident.
  • Steve was excellent at delivering the materials, providing practical examples, incorporating every learning type and getting the group to work cohesively for the benefit of everyone’s learning. He was also very professional
  • Steve Horner. Our instructor for the day did a fantastic job, making everyone and all new staff feel comfortable with materials and went out of his way to stay later and assist with questions.
  • Breaks were adequate and broke up the day making online education much more enjoyable.
  • Steve was very informative and made the course interesting through the remote learning format. I highly recommend.
  • This course contained a lot of information and could use a 3rd day for delivery just to really practice a bit more and solidify the knowledge of the skills taught. Otherwise it was great.
  • Steve really did incredibly well with helping everyone to u sweat and and be able to implement the entire courses content and offered and stayed later with those who wanted more time to practice. He was an excellent instructor!
  • Steve was a spectacular instructor. He is very knowledgeable and shared a lot of tips with us. I thought virtual learning wasn’t going to be that fun and possibly be dry. However, Steve’s energy was high and he got the class to participate in many of the lessons.

Noelle Kirk

Thanks so much Steve for your recent visit to Georgian College. Not only did my Justice students come away with some much needed information for their future careers, but they also came away with some valuable life messages. In an age where so many of our young people suffer with high levels of stress, anxiety and depression, your message of self care and asking for help, came through loud and clear. Thank you for an informative and interesting presentation. Your time and expertise is much appreciated.
Noelle Kirk, Professor in Human and Justice Services at Georgian College

Heather Eddy

“We engaged our leaders and front line staff in the two day Group Crisis Intervention training with instructor Steve Horner. Overall, the training was excellent and I would highly recommend this training for other organizations that are involved in group crisis interventions! The training methods Steve utilized made for an interesting and informative two days where he was able to format the training specific for our organization and provide examples from his own vast experience on the topic. Steve did a great job of explaining the intervention types so that they can be clearly applied as a tool kit in situations that our staff and leaders will be faced with. As well, Steve’s style and sense of humour was enjoyable.”
Heather Eddy, CHRL Director, Human Resources and Organizational Performance CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin

Women’s Shelter Worker:  “Great class! The first half was a great refresher for my therapeutic communications. The second half of the course really showed me how I can work on my communication skill and use them in different ways ! I feel like I had the communication skills prior, but now feel more confident in using them in crisis situations. I would 100% recommend this course to my co-workers!”

Mental Health Professional:      

“Your manner is easy and approachable. You don’t discount anyone’s ideas or thoughts and encourage dialogue amongst the participants. I liked that because I believe the conversations helped to solidify the material in my head.”

If you think back to our time together, what is something that makes you smile?
“The easy banter amongst the group members. I believe you encouraged this and I think it will make us a better CISM team in our workplace, thus better able to support our colleagues.”

Police civilian member:     “I learned many valuable techniques from the course.  I feel the course was very well facilitated – there is not much, if anything I would change.”

Police civilian member:    “For a colleague who is interested in critical incident interventions I would certainly recommend taking the course.”

Course Participant: “enjoyed the fact that we had multiple groups from different environments in the same course.  Instructor encouraged interaction and discussion for peer learning.”

Police member:    “I think this was insightful on dealing with stressful everyday situations.”

Police member:    “I was really impressed with how the instructors did not miss a beat when questioned about different processes by people who work in this industry.”

Police Officer:  ” dynamic engaging speaker, spoke with authenticity and the “no BS” approach was refreshing and allowed me to build trust.”

Paramedic:  “Excellent adult education techniques and ability to engage a group of varying careers and experiences.”

Course Participant:  “Thoroughly enjoyed it. Good pace, the wit was bang on, and either online or in person is great. The good part about online is that you can go off camera if need be. Good job!”